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Task-Based Learning
WILLIS-ELT, Jane and Dave Willis


Task-based learning: what kind of adventure?, Jane Willis

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The Lexical Syllabus, Dave Willis

.Planning Classwork

Teaching approaches.

Task-based learning

Lexical syllabus:

Community Language Learning

Multi-focus/Multi-strand/Mixed syllabus



CLIL-bilingual ed.

Content-based English Teaching

[.ppt] CLIL in Europe and the UK (Do Coyle) - The Challenge of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) in Secondary Education (2005)

CLIL Matrix "Achieving good practice in Content and Language Integrated Learning/bilingual education"
Una metodología para la enseñanza bilingüe en la etapa de Primaria. Bilingual Methodology in Primary Schools , by Ana Halbach - Article (pdf)
English for Clil Teachers - Site of a EOI teacher and researcher.


Thinking Blocks - "Model your maths problems"

How to teach language (Jeremy Harmer)

====Necessary elements for successful language learning in classrooms (ESA teaching squences):
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    • Engage emotionally, for motivating students
    • Study, focusing on language construction (study and practise)
    • Activate, for students to try out real language use with little/no restriction (through free and communicative activities)

4 necessary things for language learning:

    1. be exposed to language
    2. understand its meaning
    3. understand its form
    4. practise it

Teaching models:

      1. Grammar-translation
      2. Audio-lingualism
      3. PPP: Presentation-Practise-Production (Byrne)
      4. Task-based learning (Willis)
      5. Communicative Language Teaching (Nunan)
      6. Discovery activities
      7. Lexical Approach (Lewis)
      8. Describing teaching elements in different ways (Scrivener)
      9. Spoken (Carter & McCarthy) vs Written Language